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No. 139
Read. 46
Title 2016 Mortality Rate by Top 10 Cuases of Death by Sex
Date 2018-06-26

This is the result of examining the mortality rate by the top 10 causes of death among the sexes according to KOSTAT’s Causes of Death Statistics. According to the report, the death rate of malignant neoplasm (cancer) among both male and female was the highest with 117.2 female and 188.8 male per 100,000 people. In particular, the mortality rate of male was significantly higher than that of female.

The causes for female mortality rate (100,000 persons) were as follows: heart disease (59.4), cerebrovascular disease (47.4), pneumonia (30.8), diabetes (19.2), and followed by intentional self-harm (suicide) of 15.0. This was higher than hypertensive disease (14.6), chronic lower respiratory disease (10.3) and transportation accidents (5.4).

The causes of death in male were 'malignant neoplasm (cancer)' followed by 'heart disease (56.9)' and 'cerebrovascular disease (44.2)' followed by deliberate self-harm (36.2), which is significantly higher than that of female. In addition, 'pneumonia (33.6)' and 'liver disease (20.2)' also account for a considerable part of the cause of death.