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No. 138
Read. 50
Title 2017 Employed Youths By sex and Occupation
Date 2018-06-26

This is the result of looking at the number of employed youths by sex and occupation in 2017 from Economically Active Population Survey on Youth. Both female and male had the highest number of experts in related fields with 772,000 and 406,000 respectively, with the lowest number of managers, 1,0000 and 4,000.

The number of employed female workers is in the order of experts and related fields (772,000), followed by office workers (632,000), and service workers (312,000). In addition, more than 250,000 persons are engaged in sales work so it is evident a lot of female is working as a sales worker. On the other hand, there were less than 50,000 female in agriculture, 20,000 female in skilled workers, and 44,000 female in machine operation and assembly. In the case of female manager, there were only 1,000.

As a result of examining male workers by occupation, expert and person in related fields accounted the most (406,000) followed by service workers (306,000), office workers (296,000), machine operation and assembly workers (266,000), and low-skilled workers (252,000) which are slightly different from those of female. It can be interpreted that for male, the representation is more widely spread in different sectors.