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No. 136
Read. 46
Title 2017 Percentage of Youth with No-experience in Vocational Training by Level of Education
Date 2018-06-12

This is the result of looking at Statistics Korea’s Economically Active Population Survey (Additional Survey on Youth) on percentage of youth with no-experience in vocational training by level of education. In both sexes, the lower the degree of education, the higher the percentage of respondents who said that they had no experience in vocational training, and there were no big differences in receiving vocational training experience by sex.

Among the female respondents who answered no-experience in vocational training, 97.6% of below middle school accounted the largest portion, followed by high-school graduate (79.4%), college graduate (75.0%), and university and above (64.6%). Like the female respondents, as with the males, the lower the level of education, the higher the percentage of having no vocational training. Therefore male respondents with below middle school education accounted for 97.6%, followed by high school graduate of 79.4%, college graduate of 75.0%, and university and above of 67.9%.

Among the youths with below middle school education, both sexes with no vocational training accounted for 97.6%. With high school graduate and university and above, male answered 5.3%p and 3.3%p higher than that of female respectively. For college graduate, female with no vocational training was 0.3%p higher than that of male.