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No. 135
Read. 93
Title 2017 Work Experience of Youth During the Period of Sutyding and Leave of Absence
Date 2018-06-05

This is the result of dividing the type of work experience by sex during their period of studying and leave of absence according to the data of the Economically Active Population Survey (Additional Survey on Youth). Both the female and male had the highest employment rate in “part-time employment”* of 69.6% and 71.5%. This data is followed by “full-time employment”** with 12.9% of female and 18.5% male. Then “school on-site program” came next with 10.2% of female and 5.0% of male. The result if followed by “corporate intern” of 6.1% female and 4.0% of male. Then “government support work experience program” came next with 1.0% of female and 0.5% of male. Looking at the difference in gender ratios, in the case of “full-time employment” and “part-time employment”, males are 5.6%p and 1.9%p higher than of females, but in “school on-site program”, and “corporate intern”, female had higher percentage of 5.2%p and 2.1%p.


* Part-time Employment : Scheduled to work less than 36 hours per week
** Full-time Employment : Scheduled to work more than 36 hours per week