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No. 134
Read. 87
Title 2017 Vocational Training Completion Institutions of Youth by Sex
Date 2018-05-29

This is the result of 2017 Economically Active Population Survey on Youth who are aged between 15-29 on their vocational training completion institutions by sex. Among them, 60.6% of women and 59.2% of men were trained through private institutes, the highest rate of both sexes. After private institutions, female youths were mostly trained in vocational skills training corporation (10.0%), followed by non-profit corporations and organizations (8.4%), then university and graduate school (7.5%) and lastly employee or training center within the place of employment (6.2%). For male youths, non-profit corporation and organizations (12.1%) was followed by private institution, then vocational skills training cooperation (10.5%) came next, then employer or training center within the place of employment (7.6%). For university and graduate school, it was 6.3%.

Male Youth showed higher rate for completing the training in non-profit corporation and organizations, and vocational skills training corporations such as Human Resources Development Service of Korea, Korea Polytechnics, and Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled. However for female youth showed higher rate of taking their training in private institution, university and graduate school. In particular, 8.4% of women and 12.1% of men answered that they had been trained in public organizations with vocational training which showd the greatest sex difference of 3.7%p.