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No. 133
Read. 67
Title 2017 Employed Elderly Population by Occupation
Date 2018-05-22

This is the result of distribution of employed elderly population by their occupation from aged 55 to 79 through additional survey on economically active population by Statistics Korea. Women accounted for the highest number of low-skilled workers with 1,005,000 persons and men had the highest number of machine operation and assembly workers of 873,000 persons.

After low-skilled workers, elderly women accounted most for service workers with 646,000 persons, followed by sales workers with 405,000 persons, then workers in agriculture, forestry and fishing with 401,000 persons. Excluding mentioned occupations above, in the remaining occupations, there were less than 200,000 persons. For elderly men, low-skilled workers accounted for most with 792,000 persons, followed by worker in agriculture, forestry and fishing with 577,000 persons, then skilled workers with 550,000 persons, then experts and persons in related fields with 380,000 persons. This shows, distribution by occupation is significantly different by sex.

In the elderly, occupation with more women than men are low-skilled workers, service workers, and sales workers and among the three jobs, the difference in the number of workers between the sex was the largest. And in occupation with a large number of men, the biggest difference by sex was shown in machine operation and assembly workers.