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No. 130
Read. 52
Title Desired Job Type of Elderly by Their Sex and Education Level
Date 2018-05-01

This is the result of examining the desired type of work for the elderly according to the education level through the additional survey of the economically active population (elderly) of Statistics Korea in 2017. When we divide the population of elderly people aged 55 to 79 by sex, the percentage of female who want part-time work at all levels of education was around 50%. On the other hand, the percentage of men who want part-time work was only 20 to 30 percent.

Looking specifically at the level of education, for the female who have less than primary school education, the percentage of them who want to work full-time is 56.6% and part-time is 43.5%. On the other hand for male, it was 32.6% and 67.4% which makes female who want to work part-time compared to male, 23.9%p higher. Looking at those who graduated from high school, for female 47.1% want to work full-time and 52.9% want to work part-time. For male, it was 20.3% who want to work part-time, and 79.7% who want to work full-time. Therefore, for male who want to work part-time is 26.8 p% lower than that of female. In the case of the elderly who are college graduate, 58.3% and 21.9% of the elderly who want part-time work are female and male respectively, and the ratio of part-time work for female compare to male is 36.4% p higher.