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No. 129
Read. 62
Title 2017 Number of Work Experience of the Elderly in the Past Year by Sex
Date 2018-04-24

This is the result of looking at Statistics Korea’s Economically Active Population Survey (Additional Survey on Elderly), on the number of work experience of the elderly in the past year. Based on the female elderly population aged 55 to 79, 48.8% of the respondents said they had no employment experience, and 43.4% had one experience in the past year. The percentage of respondents who reported that they had two or more work experience over the past year was 5.0% and 2.8%, respectively.


In the case of the elderly male, the percentage of the respondents who said that they had no employment experience based on the past one year was 26.5%, which was 22.3% p lower than that of women. And 62.8% had one experience in the past year, followed by 5.5% and 5.2% of respondents who answered that they have had two or more work experience in the past year.