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No. 128
Read. 53
Title Number of Elderly Economically Active Population by Sex
Date 2018-04-17

This is the result of looking at Statistics Korea’s Economically Active Population Survey (Additional Survey on Elderly), dividing the population by sex. Looking at the population aged 55 to 79, the number of employed* persons for female is 2,985,000 and for male, 4,098,000.

The unemployed comprise all persons who during the survey period were without work, that is, were not in paid employment or self employment, who were available for work, that is were available for paid employment or self-employment and seeking work that is, had taken specific steps in the past 4 weeks to seek paid employment or self-employment. In the case of unemployed, there were 57,000 female and 112,000 male. Among the elderly population, there were 3,763,000 female noneconomically active population and 1,900,000 male noneconomically active population.

Employee : A Person who meets any of the following three conditions: those who worked more than 1 hour for the purpose of income during the duration of the survey, those who have worked more than 18 hours a week as a family worker who helped raise income in the family farm or business in the household (unpaid family worker), a person who has a job or business but cannot work due to temporary illness, unsettled weather, holiday, annual leave, labor dispute and etc.