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No. 125
Read. 102
Title 2010-2015 Current Status on National Basic Living Security Recipients
Date 2018-03-27

This is the result of dividing the recipients of National Basic Living Security by gender from 2010 to 2015 through the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Current Status on National Basic Living Security Recipients. The number of Basic Living Security Recipients, both female and male in 2015 was 854,262, and 700,222. And the number of female recipients was higher each year than men.

However, the proportion of female National Basic Living Security recipients has been steadily decreasing. The percentage of female receiving National Basic Living Security, which accounted for 57.0% in 2010, declined 0.2% p to 56.8% in 2012 and to 56.1% in 2014 0.9% p lower than the previous year. In 2015, out of a total of 1,554,484 National Basic Living Security recipients, 854,262 female recipients were accounted for a 55.0% of the total recipients, which had been decreased by 1.1%p from 2014.


* National Basic Living Security Recipients: Anyone who meets the following conditions which are reported income, reported house income is below the standard, those who do not have an obligator of support, those who have an obligator of support who is not able to support or those who cannot receive support. And they are a social class whose income, wealth, and ability work alone cannot maintain a minimum standard of living.