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No. 124
Read. 152
Title 2015, 2016 Birth Rate by Birth Order
Date 2018-03-20


This is the result of KOSTAT’s Vital Statistics on birth rates by birth order in 2015 and 2016. The masculinity of birth, which means the number of boys per 100 girls, is 105.3 in 2015 and 105.0 in 2016. The masculinity of birth, which stood at 110 from the 116.5 in 1990 to the early 2000s, has declined from the previous year due to the weakening of the preference for boys.

Nevertheless, it can be seen that the masculinity of birth generally increases as the birth order increases such as “birth order 2”, “birth order 3”, and etc.

By 2016, the birth order 1’s masculinity of birth was 104.4 and the birth order 2 was 105.2. In the case of the birth order 3 and birth order 4 or more, their masculinity of birth was 107.3 and 108.3 which were outside the normal sex ratio interval of 103-107. This result shows the possibility of selective birth.