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No. 123
Read. 125
Title Number of Birth by Sex Per Year 2011-2016
Date 2018-03-13

This is the result of looking at the number of births by sex from year 2011 to 2016 by KOSTAT’s Vital Statistics. A total of 229,144 girls and 242,121 boys were born in 2011 which is about 471,000 newborns in a year. In 2012, 235,592 girls and 248,958 boys were born which is more than 1.3million babies compared to 2011.

However, the number of newborn babies have not continued to increase since then. After 2012, both the number of newborn boys and girls have generally declined. In 2016, there were 198,179 newborn girls and 208,064 newborn boys, which adds up to only 40.6 million babies in a given year. This is the minimum recorded value since the generation of the statistics in Korea and compared to 2015, a huge decrease in 32,000 babies (7.3% in decrease).

Since 2001, Korea has not been able to move beyond the ultra low birth rate (total fertility rate of less than 1.3 persons) and is suffering from the world‘s lowest birth rate. For the healthy future of Korea‘s society, Korea needs to actively gather wisdom and transcend the obstacle of low birthrate.