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No. 120
Read. 131
Title 2016 Unemployment Rate by Sex in Major OECD Countries
Date 2018-02-20

This is the result of examining unemployment rate* in nine major OECD countries by sex including Korea, the United States, Britain, Australia, and Japan through OECD statistics. Looking at the female unemployment rate, Japan was the lowest at 2.9%, followed by Korea (3.6%), Germany (3.7%), and the United Kingdom (4.7%). Italy, meanwhile, had the highest female unemployment rate of 12.8%, followed by France (9.5%), Canada (6.2%) and Australia (5.8%).

The unemployment rate for male was the lowest in Japan with 3.3%, followed by Korea (3.8%), Germany (4.4%), the United Kingdom (4.9%) and the United States (4.9%). Italy's unemployment rate was the highest among the 9 countries with 10.9 %, followed by France (10.0 %) and Canada (7.7 %).

Comparing the unemployment rate in Korea, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States, male unemployment rate is higher than that of female. However in Australia and Italy, unemployment rate of female is higher than that of male.


* Unemployment Rates: The percentage of unemployed people in the economically active population (employed + unemployed), calculated using the formula below. (Unemployment rate) = {(unemployed) / (economically active population)} * 100