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No. 24
Read. 253
Title (No. 387) Female Employment Highest in Professionals and Related Workers
Date 2017-10-09


This graph shows distribution of employment by occupation and sex. In 2016, the economically active population totaled 26,235 thousand persons, which consisted of 11,114 thousand women and 15,122 thousand men.

Looking by occupation, professionals and related workers took the biggest portion in both sexes, 2,555 thousand women and 2,769 thousand men. In case of female employees, this was followed by clerks (2,166 thousand persons), service workers (1,856 thousand persons), and elementary occupations (1,769 thousand persons). On the other hand, in case of male employees, the second biggest group was plant, machine operation and assembler workers (2,765 thousand persons), which was followed by clerks (2,353 thousand persons), and craft and related trade workers (2,044 thousand persons).

The number of women working in service industry was bigger than men, but the number of women working in craft and related trade industry was highly smaller. In addition, the number of female employees who are managers was so small. These trends imply the remaining chances of sex-aggregation practices in employment.

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