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No. 108
Read. 215
Title (No. 395) Female Population in Farm Households Declined to around One-Fifth Compared to 40 Years ago
Date 2017-11-27

This graph shows the number of farm households and population by sex based on the Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Survey conducted by the Statistics Korea. Over each decade from 1976 to 2016, the size of both farm households and male and female populations in farm consistently decreased.

First of all, the population in farm households declined from 2,336 thousand households to 1,906 thousand households in 1986, and to 1,480 thousand households in 1996. The size shrank further, 1,245 thousand households in 2006 and 1,068 thousand households in 2016.

In addition, the number of women in farm households have consistently decreased. In 1976, the female population amounted to 6,348 thousand persons and the male population amounted to 6,438 thousand persons, but they dropped to 4,122 thousand persons and 4,058 thousand persons in 1982. In 2006, the female and male populations marked 1,697 thousand persons and 1,607 thousand persons. After a constant decrease, the number of population in farm households fell to 1,275 thousand women and 1,222 thousand men.

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