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No. 106
Read. 154
Title (No. 393) 22.9% of Couples Married for less than Five Years Got Divorced in 2016
Date 2017-11-13


This graph demonstrates the percentage of divorced couples by marriage duration according to the Vital Statistics conducted by the Statistics Korea. With regard to the 2016 data, The duration of '20 years or more' of marriage before getting divorced took the highest share at 30.4%, and the second highest was '10-14 years' group (19.2%), which was followed by '15-19 years' group (13.9%).

This result implies that the number of divorced couples who have been married for a long time is on a steady rise. The divorce percentage of duration of '20 years or more' of marriage was 24.8% in 2011, and increased to 28.1% in 2013 and 29.9% in 2015. This figure further increased to mark 30.4% of the total divorces in 2016.

On the other hand, one out of five divorced couples were 'less than five years of marriage.' In 2016, 22.9% of the divorced couples were married for less than five years. This proportion has shown a constant decline (26.9% in 2011, 23.7% in 2013, and 23.5% in 2014), but it has shown sign of slowing in the recent period.


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