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No. 102
Read. 206
Title (No. 389) Mothers in 40s Spent the Most, 257,000 Won in the Average Monthly Private Education Expenditures
Date 2017-10-17

This graph shows the trends over the average monthly private education expenditures by mother's age group in the period of 2012-2016 according to the Private Education Expenditures Survey conducted by Statistics Korea. Over the period, the average monthly private education expenditures of mothers in their 40s amounted to 257,000 Won in 2012 and 2013, 261,000 Won in 2014, and 277,000 Won in 2015, which were relatively higher than other age groups.

In case of mothers in their 20s-30s, it has shown a moderate increase, from 219,000 Won in 2012, 223,000 Won in 2014, and 242,000 Won in 2016. With respect to mothers in their 50s, the average monthly private education expenditures amounted to 219,000 Won in 2012, 222,000 Won in 2014, and 226,000 Won in 2016, which changed little compared to other age groups.


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