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No. 99
Read. 131
Title (No. 386) Female Population Rises as Age Group Rises
Date 2017-10-02

This graph displays the 2016 population size by age group of which data was collected from the Resident Registration Population Statistics by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety.
Looking at the population by age group, the male and female populations were largest in the group of 40-49: 4,353,000 women and 4,461,000 men. It was followed by the group of 50s, 3,682,000 women and 3,852,000 men. In case of 20s, the male and female populations amounted to 3,198,000 and 3,560,000.
On the other hand, the percentage of women was found to rise as the age group went up. Up to the group of 50s, the percentage of women did not exceed 50% and there were more men than women. However, from the group of 60s, the female population increased. In particular, the percentage of women accounted for 68.6% with 1,042,000 women while the number of men were 477,000 persons.


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