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No. 97
Read. 147
Title Only nearly half of female students are satisfied with relationship with teachers(professors)
Date 2017-09-18

This graph demonstrates the level of satisfaction of female students over 15 in relationship with teachers(professors) from the Social Survey conducted by the Statistics Korea. 50.0% of female students responded that they were satisfied('very satisfied' and 'satisfied') with their teachers(professors), which was 1.1%p higher than male students (51.1%).

Looking at education level, the satisfaction level of female students in middle school was 60.5% and that of male students was 6.3%p higher, 66.8%. With regard to high school level, the satisfaction level of female students was 55.3%, which was 4.7%p higher than that of male students was 50.6%. At university or higher level, both percentages of female and male students were below half, which were 46.6% and 45.6% respectively.


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