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No. 96
Read. 96
Title Level of Satisfaction with School Life of Female Students Is Lower than Men
Date 2017-09-11

According to the Social Survey conducted by the Statistics Korea, the level of satisfaction with school life of female students were slightly below 50% (49.4%), which is lower than men (51.2%).

Looking further at the level of satisfaction by education level, both levels for men and women were lowest in high school. In case of middle school, the level of satisfaction of male students was 59.5% and that of female students was 50.0%, which means a gap of 9.5%p. The level of satisfaction with female students in high school was lower than any other education levels as well as than that of male students, 47.3% of girls and 50.6% boys. With respect to university life, the respective percentages of female and male students were 51.0%, which were little higher than high school students.

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