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No. 95
Read. 90
Title Gangwon Recorded as the Highest in the Percentage of Single-Person Households in 2015
Date 2017-09-04

This bar graph shows the percentage of single-person households by administrative division, which was collected by the Population Census by the Statistics Korea, Gangwon was recorded as 31.3% which implies that at least one out of three households is a single-person household. This rate is 8.0%p higher than the lowest one, Incheon and it is an increase of 7.8%p compared to 2005.

Other provinces with high percentages were Gyeongbuk (30.6%), Jeonnam (30.4%), and Jeonbuk (30.0%). As for Seoul, the rate was 29.5%. Incheon (23.3%), Gyeonggi (23.4%), and Ulsan (24.5%) were found relatively lower than the others.

On the other hand, all provinces or metropolitan cities showed higher percentage compared to 2005, which means an increase ranging from 5.2%p (Jeju) to 9.8% (Gwangju) over the decade.

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