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No. 91
Read. 111
Title Women's View on Information Security Is More Negative than Men's
Date 2017-07-31

According to the Social Survey conducted by the Statistics Korea, the rates of men and women who respond that information security is 'very safe' or 'safe' were 12.5% and 10.8% respectively.

Over all years of the survey, the rate of women who think information security is safe was lower than men's. In 2008, 5.1% of men responded that information security is safe whereas 4.4% of women did. In 2010, in both sexes the rates have surged more than 2.5 times, 14.5% of men and 12.5% of women.

In 2012, the rates for men and women slightly dropped, 13.2% and 11.4% respectively. Men's rate was 8.1%, which is higher than 6.1% for women.

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