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Easily Seen Gender Statistcs

No. 64
Read. 206
Title Employment rate of the older population is higher for male and gender gap decreases as age increases
Date 2016-12-12

Result of the employment rate survey for the older population between 55-79 years shows that male employment rate was higher than female employment rate in every age group,


In this survey, female employment rate decreased constantly as the age increased. The percentage by each age group was the following: 58.5% for 55-59 years, 49.1% for 60-64 years, 36.7% for 65-69 years, 28.6% for 70-74 years, and 21.5% for 75-79 years. The same trend was seen in the male employment rate as well. The rate of the each age group was 84.8% for 55-59 years, 71.3 for 60-64 years, 57.9% for 65-69 years, 43.4% for 70-74 years, and 32.7% for 75-79 years.


The largest employment rate gender gap was in the age group of 55-59, that male employment rate was higher than female employmenmt rate by 26.3%. However, the gender gap decreased as the age increased: age group 60-64(22.2%), 65-69(21.25), 70-74(14.8%), 75-79(10.9%).


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