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No. 59
Read. 362
Title More Male Permanent Workers than Female Permanent Workers in All Age Groups Except 20s
Date 2016-09-19

Looking at the distribution of workers by age and employment type as of 1st half of 2016 (March standard), it was shown that, for permanent workers, there were more men than women in all age groups except for 20s, and for temporary workers, there were more women than men in all age groups except for 20s.

There were 45,000 more female permanent workers than males in ‘20s’, as there were 1,163,000 and 1,208,000 male and female permanent workers respectively. On the other hand, in ‘30s’ there were 1,164,000 more males, in ‘40s’ 1,020,000 more males, in ‘50s’ 728,000 more males and in ‘60s’ there were 160,000 more males.

Meanwhile, for temporary workers in ‘20s’, there were 73,000 more women workers than men, and in ‘30s’ 91,000 more, in ‘40s’ 257,000 more, in ‘50s’ 175,000 more and in ‘60s’ there were 22,000 more.

The number of permanent workers was highest in ‘30s’ for men, and ‘40s’ for women, and the number of temporary workers was highest in ‘60s’ for men and ‘40s’ for women

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