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No. 18
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Title [Press Release] Envisioning Korea’s Future through Work and Life of Women and the Youth in the Korean Society
Date 2016-04-19

Korea’s Future through Work and Life of Women and the Youth in the Korean Society


Academic Seminar of Thirty-third Anniversary

Korean Women’s Development Institute


The current 2030 youth generation faces a different type of difficulties in terms of employment, housing and welfare, due to the changing labor market and family structure. Women, in particular, confront the difficulties of career gap and work-family balance.


To reflect these emerging policy issues, this forum hopes to serve as an arena to analyze the conditions and current situation of work and life of the youth and women in Korea, and explore ways to secure a better life for the youth.


Korean Women’s Development Institute will host an academic seminar to mark its thirty-third anniversary with the theme of “Work and Life of Women and Youth, Future of Republic of Korea” from 2 pm on Wednesday, 20 April at the International Conference Hall at KWDI.


In stating the purpose of the seminar, Dr. Myung-Sun Lee, President of KWDI, hopes that the discussions from the seminar, coupled with the soon to be released government measures on the employment of women and youth, will contribute towards guaranteeing the sustainable and happy life by providing quality employment for the youth and women without career gap and forging a bright future for our society.


KWDI experts will deliver presentations on the seminar theme. Taehong Kim and Nan-Jue Kim will deliver a presentation on Change in Labor Market and Employment Activation for Young Women, whilst Seung-Ah Hong will present on Change in Family Consciousness of Youth and Creating Work-family Balance Condition, and Mihye Jang on Housing Support and Improving Community Environment for Youth. After the presentation, there will be a discussion session with participants from the media, academic and relevant government ministries.