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No. 32
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Title [Visiting Gender Equality Support Organization] Woman Labor Law Support Center
Date 2018-08-08
Attach 1. Woman Labor Law Support Center.pdf

Women Labor Law Support Center


Woman Labor Law Support Center is a non-profit corporation founded with an approval of the Ministry of Labor with the goal of “protecting the rights of women’s labor and realizing gender-equal society” by Yoon Jaya, the first representative and other women labor & employment attorneys in 2011. The center was established to realize gender-equal society by protecting the rights and interests of women’s labor and to promote social participation through provision of legal support, counseling, education and other activities for woman worker. Currently, there are more than 200 members including labor & employment attorneys, attorneys, women activists, and scholars in related fields.

One of the major activities of the center is the consultation program that can actively assist on the individual workers in advance of labor rights violations. It is also important for the center to conduct research on related issues of womens labor, which can be reflected in policy decisions of national organizations. The main roles of the center are developing rational logic from perspective of womens labor and providing support in legal dispute that can formally raise the issue. Especially in the case of legal dispute support, the expert members of the center provided support to workers at low cost in order to help raising legal issues which frequently given up due to financial problems. Since 2016, thePublic Employee Support Fund was established to actively assist womens labor issues.


Please refer to the pdf file to find out more about what they do and offer for the Korean working women.