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Korean Women’s Development Institute (KWDI), a government research think-tank under the Prime Minister’s Office of South Korea, contributes to gender and development discourse by providing gender-sensitive perspectives in development and humanitarian assistance in the Asia Pacific region.

The Asia-Pacific Forum on Development and Gender (AP Forum hereafter) is an annual international conference hosted by KWDI with an objective of mainstreaming gender in development and humanitarian assistance. Working together with the donor government, bilateral/multilateral organizations, NGOs, and the academics, the AP Forum aspires to realize gender-sensitive development cooperation in a concerted and coherent way.

Towards Gender Equality in the Asia-Pacific Region-Current Efforts and Future Tasks
Year 2013 Date 2013-09-13
Fiie The 5th Asia-Pacific Forum on Development and Gender.pdf ( 7.21 MB )

ㆍTime & Venue : September 13(Fri.), 2013, 13:00~18:00, Korean Women’s Development Institute, Seoul, Korea
ㆍHosted by : Korean Women's Development Institute
ㆍIn Cooperation with UN Women