Young Taek Kim
Group Division for Gender-based Violence Research Position Research Fellow
Major/Work Health In Sociology, Medical Sociology Tel 02-3156-7177
Education ■ Ph.D Degree of Sociology at Utah State University
■ Master Degree of Sociology at Utah State University
■ Bachelor Degree of Sociology at Utah State University
Career ■ 2006 Lecturer at Korea University
■ 2006 Lecturer at Hanyang University
■ 1998-2004 Teaching Assistant at Utah State University
■ 2011-2015 Teaching at Korean Development Institute School of Public Policy and Management
■ 2015-2018 A member of Board Directors of Korean Association of Health and Medical Sociology
■ 2015-current times A member of Board Directors of Korea Health Association
■ 2006-current times Working at Korean Women’s Development Institute as a research fellow
■ 2015-2017 Head of Center of Safety and Heath Research Center at KWDI
Research performance Major Publications

(Publication at KWDI)
■ Life Experience Policy II (Other disciplines): Specific Gender Impact Assessment(2019)
■ Supporting Victims of Violence in Women with Mental Disabilities(2017)
■ Strengthening safety policy in life cycle of women: Challenges for their Workplace (III)(2018)
■ Comparison Analysis of Health Status of women in Korea and China(2017)
■ Development of Intervention Program and its effective assessments to promote the health of older women(2016)
■ Specific gender perspective policy evaluation on teacher health promotion policy(2016)
■ Gender perspective on Importance of girls' health and education(2016).
■Occupational safety and health related to pregnancy and childbirth; Measures to Improve Industrial Accident Insurance Policy(2016)
■ Gender based analysis of integrated health promotion programs at local areas(2014)
■ Process of suicide and prevention strategy(2014)
■ Evaluation of programs in assisting pregnant mothers who are risky for their health(2014)
■ Manual guide for helping pregnant female solider at Korea(2014)
■ Mental conditions of sexually assaulted victims and policy review(2012)
■ Evaluation of a national suicide prevention strategy(2012)
■ A blind side of a national health screening system based on a gender perspective(2010)
■ Expansion of a national health screening system on depression(2010)
■ Women's suicide and Policy in Korea(2009)
■ Women's health Condition and Policy in Korea(2008)
■ Women, environment, Sex & Reproductive Health(2008)
■ Gender based Analysis on R & D Project of Health and welfare area(2008)
■ Reviewing women's health infrastructure of foreign countries and policy implication in Korea(2007)
■ Job stress of women working at service sector and its Management(2006)

(Presentation and Publication)
■ Young-taek Kim, PhD,1 Chiyoung Cha, PhD, RN, and Mi-ran Lee, MS, RN(2019). Factors related to age at menopause among Korean women: the Korean Longitudinal Survey of Women and Families. Menopause: The Journal of The North American Menopause Society. Vol. 26, No. 5, pp. 492-498
■ Young-taek Kim1 & Chiyoung Cha & Mi-ran Lee(2021). Comparison of causes for suicidal ideation and attempt: Korean Longitudinal Survey of Women and Families. Archives of Women's Mental Health. 24:107-117
■ Young-taek Kim & Chiyoung Cha & Mi-ran Lee(2021). Sexual Violence as a Key Predictor of Depressive Symptoms in Women: Korean Longitudinal Survey of Women and Families.  Violence Against Women. (accpeted and expected to be published)  
■ Young-taek Kim, et al. (2021) Nurse turnover: A longitudinal survival analysis of the Korea Nurses’ Health Study. Journal of Advanced Nursing. (accpeted and expected to be published)  
■ Kim, Soukyoung1, Kim, Young Taek(2021). Workplace Health and Safety Risk Factors and Management Plan for Female Workers. Korean Journal of Occupational Health Nursing. Vol. 29 No. 4, 235-246,
■ Young-taek Kim(2013) Ways of caring mental conditions for women who have been sexually assaulted. Health Welfare Policy Forum. (6): 43-49
■ Beth, W, Eddy, H, Toney, M, Young Taek, K, Cromartie, J (2009). A Panel Based Analysis of the Effects of Race/Ethnicity and Other Individual Level Characteristics at Leaving on Returning. Population Research and Policy Review. 2009. 28:405-428.
■ Young-taek Kim(2015)Importance of subjective health condition and women’s social environment. GSPR(Gender Studies and Policy Review)
■ Women's Obesity and Social Environment, Published by Issue Brief at KWDI(2007)
■ Women's Sex and Reproductive Health and Women's Socioeconomic Status, Published by Gender Review at KWDI(2007)
■ Women's Health Infrastructure in Korea, Presented by World Quality Analysis of Health Association(2007)
■ Job Stress of Women Working at Service Sector in Korea, Presented by Korea Job Stress Association(2007)
■ Definition of Formal Demography, Published by Demography Dictionary at Korea Demography Association (2007)
■ Social Development and Women's Health, Presented at TOT Program of PPFK and KOCIA(2006-2008)
■ Expectation of Spending Their Savings Due to Burden of Medical Cost Among the elderly, Published by Health and Welfare Forum at KIHASA(2004)
■ A longitudinal Analysis of socioeconomic status differences in obesity and weight change during the early adult years: social factors and yo-yo phenomenon presented at National Association of Health Data Organization in Utah (2004)
■ Obesity and Perceived Life Expectancy among the Elderly presented at Pacific Sociological Association (2003)
■ Child's Locational and Household Environments, Age, and Weight Status in Two-Parent and Female-Headed Households: The Mediating Role of Excercise and the Conditioning Role of Gender presented at Population Association of America (PAA), Washington, D.C (2003)
■ Health and Financial Profiles Among the Elderly by Physical and Mental Health Status presented at Gerontological Society of America (2001)
■ The role of migration in changing and sustaining Utah in Year of Demography at Utah published by University of Utah Press (2006)