Min Jung Kang
Group Division for Work and Life Research Position Research Fellow
Major/Work Sociology Tel 02-3156-7137
Education - Yonsei University, PhD, Sociology.
- Yonsei University, MA, Sociology.
Career - 12. 2015 ~ 12. 2016 Presidential Committee on Young Generation, Third-term Civilian Committee Member
An area of study Women’s Employment & Labor Policy
Research performance - Study on Women Job at a Time of Digital Transformation (I): Women Job and its Future(KWDI, 2020)
- Strategy Development to Eliminate the Gender Gap in the Labor Market(Ⅱ): focusing on working place culture(KWDI, 2019)
- A study on the strategies for expanding the ratio of female executives in the enterprise(KWDI, 2018)
- Research on Developing Corporate culture Assessment Index to promote Work-Family Balance(KWDI, 2017)
- Policy Report for Resettlement and Diffusion of Utilization System of Women Resources in Small and Medium Sized Firms(KWDI, 2016)
- Support of Utilization of Talented Women and Task force of Fulfill of Gender Equality(Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, 2016)
- Korean Women Manager Panel(KWDI, 2015)
- A Study on Corporations’ Formal and Informal Network Characteristics on Gender and Its Effect(KWDI, 2015).
- Research on Young Women(Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, 2015)
- Private Cooperative Support and Consulting for Fulfill of Gender Equality (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, 2015)
- Consulting for Fulfill of Gender Equality of Firms(Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, 2014)
- Korean Women Manager Panel(KWDI, 2014)