Name Taek Myeon Lee
    Position Head/Senior Research Fellow
    Major Sociology
    Tel 82-2-3156-7167
    Education ■ Ph.D. in Sociology, Korea University, Seoul, Korea

    ■ M.A. in Sociology, Korea University, Seoul, Korea

    ■ B.A. in English Education, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Korea
    ■ Senior researcher, Central Research Center, Federation of Korean Trade Unions

    ■ Legislation assistant, Finance & Economy Committee, Secretariat of the Seoul Metropolitan Council

    ■ Giving lectures at Chung-Ang University, Pai Chai University, and Soongsil University
    - Member, Gyeonggi-do Women’s Development Committee
    Research Interest Economic Organizations, Labor Markets, Labor-Management Relations, Survey Statistics
    ■ Development of a business-focused vocational training program and an employment support service model for career-interrupted women

    ■ Korean Women and Family Panel Survey

    ■ Sample design for the 2012 National Survey of Multi-cultural Families and ways to improve related statistics

    ■ Gender impact of a vocational training project for the disabled and policy issues

    ■ Policy issues for establishing more daycare centers in industrial complexes and promoting workplace childcare

    ■ Ways to promote men’s use of childcare leave and a shorter working hours system during the childcare period

    ■ Creative economy and jobs for women (Ⅱ): create jobs by promoting social economy

    ■ Development of evaluation indicators for Re-Employment Support Centers for Career-Interrupted Women

    ■ Analysis and assessment of the National Gender-Sensitive Budget and Account System


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