Name Seon Ju Cho
    Position Head/Senior Research Fellow
    Major Economics
    Tel 82-2-3156-7109
    Education ■ Ph.D. in Economics, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

    ■ M.A. in Economics, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

    ■ B.A. in Public Administration, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
    ■ 3. 2014
    Prime Minister’s Award; Man of Merit in Business

    ■ 7. 2013-Present
    Member, National Unification Advisory Council

    ■ 5. 2013
    NCRS (National Research Council for Economics, Humanities, and Social Sciences) Chairman’s Award, Distinguished Researcher

    ■ 12. 2012
    Strategy and Finance Minister’s Award, Man of Merit in Business

    ■ 8. 2009-12. 2011
    Editor, Gender Review and Women’s Studies Published by Korean Women’s Development Institute

    ■ 2009-present
    Korean Women's Development Institute
    Research Interest Finance (Gender-Sensitive Budget and Tax), Social Insurance, Contributions / Volunteer Service, Female Immigrants
    ■ Analysis and assessment of national and local gender-sensitive budgeting

    ■ Research on social costs of women’s career interruption

    ■ Research on the designation, management, and operation of prospective social enterprises

    ■ Development of female-friendly occupations based on demand in the industry

    ■ Research on OECD members’ policies for promoting the employment of middle-aged people

    ■ Operation performance in gender-sensitive budget and account: analyses and development plans

    ■ The baby boom generation’s social contribution activities: assessments and improvement plans

    ■ Ways to assess and improve gender-sensitive balancing of accounts

    ■ Status of gender equality and women’s welfare/employment policies in Korea and China

    ■ Research on financial resources allocation by gender in social welfare

    ■ Assessment of projects for promoting the baby boom generation’s social participation and policy issues

    ■ Ways to improve the conditions of facilities for the prevention of violence against women

    ■ Survey on the level of income to officially announce pay and average wages that are the basic data for calculating occupation health and safety insurance premiums and benefits for workers in special types of employment

    ■ Ways to improve the nursing benefit payment system

    ■ Do policies for the disabled reduce extra costs from disabilities? 『The Journal of Women and Economics』

    ■ Status and performance of the gender-sensitive budget system in the post-2010 period, 『The Journal of Korean Women’s Studies』,

    ■ Characteristics of and elements affecting baby boomers’ contributions, Vol. 12, No. 1, 『The Journal of Korean Nonprofit Organization Research』

    ■ How should the 2011 gender-sensitive budget be examined? [NABO Budget and Policy]

    ■ Relations between government subsidies and private resources in childcare: empirical analysis via the control function estimator, June 2012, 『The Journal of Korean Nonprofit Organization Research』,

    ■ Determinants and economic value of women’s volunteer activities, Vol. 11, No. 3, 『The Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy』


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